The Governing Body of Wright Robinson College, as the Admission Authority, will be responsible for determining who is allocated a place at the College in accordance with the Admission Policy.

Wright Robinson College Admissions Policy 2018

If you have any queries relating to Admissions please contact Mrs Duffy- 0161 826 1026


Applications for places in Year 7 at Wright Robinson College for September 2018 are now closed

Please contact your local authority if you have a child in Year 6 and have not applied for a place at a secondary school for them for September 2018.


Admission Appeals at Wright Robinson College for September 2018

The deadline for appeals for a place at Wright Robinson College for September 2018 is: Friday 30th March 2018.

Parents who wish to appeal for a place at Wright Robinson College in September 2018 should contact

Mrs Duffy on 0161 826 1026

to request an Admission Appeal Application Form and Appeal Guidelines.  The Admission Appeal form must be completed and returned to Mrs Duffy by Friday 30th March 2018.

Admission Appeals will be held: Tuesday 8th May – Friday 11th May 2018

Decision letters will be sent to parents within 5 school days of their Admission Appeal Hearing.


In-Year Admissions

In-Year admissions are requests for places in any year group received by the LA or the School outside the ordinary admissions process for Year 7 (i.e. including applications for Year 7 after the beginning of the autumn term). Parents/carers will be required to contact the LA when enquiring about an In-Year school place as part of its overall role in co-ordinating admissions. The LA will then ask the College’s Governing Body whether a place is available, and the LA will then notify parents/carers of the outcome. If the application is not successful parents/carers have the right to appeal the decision to an Independent Appeal Panel.

In-Year Admissions for Year 8 – Year 11          Mrs Duffy- 0161 826 1026


Prospectus and  Video Tour of Wright Robinson College

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