GCSE Art and Design (Art and Design) AQA Full Course



Art and Design is intended for those candidates who are interested in following a broad course where a variety of experience is encouraged through observational work, (drawing) through direct study of the environment, the study of natural and man made forms, imaginative work, pictorial composition and abstraction.

The course will involve working to a design brief, identifying and exploring problems, planning courses of action, using appropriate equipment and materials, designing and working in a variety of media including I.C.T.


Areas of study will include:

Students will be introduced to the following areas:

  • Painting/Drawing
  • Graphic Design
  • Textiles
  • Three Dimensional Design
  • Photography

From this experience students can select one or more areas to develop as they produce the range of work needed to fulfil the subject’s GCSE course requirements.



Students are also required to complete a controlled test/examination, which is similar to a unit of work but produced in a limited time and concluded in 10 hours under exam conditions.

60% – Coursework

40% – Controlled Test


 Personal Attributes Required:

  • Show a high level of commitment, both in college and on visits to external facilities and in completion of work out of school hours.
  • Provide themselves with basic equipment e.g. Sketchbook, glue stick, crayons etc.
  • To visit art galleries, libraries, museums and other places relevant to the course (either independently or through school trips)
  • Consider their own suitability for a course, which relies heavily on self-discipline in a practical area.


Further Education / Future Careers:

Students completing the Art & Design course will gain the necessary skills to continue their artistic development at further or higher education level. The course offers a broad skills base which equips students to go on to general Art & Design courses.

Careers in the creative industries are varied and students will discover opportunities as they continue their route through further education courses.

GCSE itself develops creativity and practical skills which are relevant and transferable to many areas of work or apprenticeships.


Homework Expectations:

Students will be expected to complete a range of independent research tasks, personal preparation and gather material for use in their own work on a weekly basis.

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