Battlefields Visit

Battlefields Visit


Over the Easter holidays a mix of Year 8, 9 and 10 students attended France and Belgium to commemorate the 100th Year anniversary since the outbreak of WWI.

Students visited the Battlefields of the Somme and got to see first-hand what it was like to fight in the trenches of WWI. Students were amazed to discover just how bad conditions were for the soldiers.

Students also researched  some young men from the Gorton area who gave their life to fight for their country. We located these headstones and students left personal messages of remembrance at Tyne Cot Cemetery. We also held our own one minute silence and placed a wreath at the cemetery –all involved found this a very moving moment but felt pleased that we had the opportunity to do it.

Students visited various trench systems and got to go in some remaining trenches and get a feel for trench warfare.

Students also got to taste and eat lots of chocolate when we visited Ypres in Belgium.

Our guides on the trip were all really impressed with our students who conducted themselves in a very mature and sensitive manner throughout.

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