Behaviour for Learning-Choices, Chances and Consequences.

As individuals we all choose how to act. However, it is important that we all recognise that for every action there is a consequence. At Wright Robinson consequences are issued by staff not punishments. If students have chosen to act in a certain way they will receive a consequence.

  • C1 is the first consequence- issued as a result of negative behaviour
  • C2 is the second consequence- issued as a result of continues negative behaviour. This is the student’s final warning
  • C3 is the third consequence- issued as a result of continued negative behaviour, despite chances to modify his/her actions. This means that the student will now automatically be issued with an after College detention. All detentions run from 3.15pm – 4.15pm.



Positive attitudes to learning and meeting the shared Team Wright Robinson expectations is at the core of our College ethos, as such, it is at the core of our rewards and celebrations.
Rewarding students, and therefore positively reinforcing desired attitudes, features heavily in every member
of staff’s actions. The general practice of classroom management and the Pastoral and Support Team involves many rewards given to students individually or collectively on a regular basis; these include:

  • Recognising success with acknowledgement shown through verbal, written and tangible praise and rewards by all staff both in and out of lessons.
  • Classroom and corridor displays showing students’ work – celebrating achievement of all student groups.
  • Certificates of recognition Texts and phone calls home
  • Annual whole school celebration of achievement events
  • Reward trips for positive attitude to learning and attendance
  • Postcards home
  • House system

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Parental Complaints Policy

The complaints procedure set out in this leaflet has been agreed by the Governing Body of Wright Robinson College. The Department for Education recommends that every College should have a complaints procedure which should be made available, upon request, to Parents.

WRC Parental Complaints Procedure


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