Are you interested in creating and performing dance pieces?  Do you want to know about different dance styles and where they come from? Are you interested in developing your own dance skills?

If yes, this is the course for you!!

This course is a practical and theoretical study of dance. You will be expected to create, perform and carry out some analysis of dance during the course. As well as learn street dance and jazz, contemporary and other different dance styles. You will cover the following:
Areas of Study will include:

Critical Analysis of Dance, Performance and Choreography



Coursework and Moderation (60%) Solo Performance (20%) and Examination (20%)


As part of this course you will be expected to perform in solo and group dances in front of an audience. You will perform in a group dance as part of your GCSE assessment


During the course you will choreograph lots of different dances based on lots of different ideas. As part of your final assessment, you will have to choreograph 2 choreography pieces, one solo and the other being a choice of another solo or group dance.


As part of your final assessment, you will have to learn and perform a contemporary set dance piece which is set by the exam board.


You will study the background to choreography and different dance styles, and will watch and analyse lots of different dance works. You will be assessed by a written exam at the end of the course.


Personal Attributes required:

Enjoyment of dance, enjoyment of learning about dance, enjoyment of creating your own dances.


Future Career Plans:

Further study of dance/ performing arts at post 16.


Homework Expectations:

Students will be expected to gather their own research material, rehearse independently and within a group and attend additional sessions as required.  There will be written work set as homework regularly throughout the course.

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