GCSE Technology- Product Design (AQA)


This course allows students to specialise in designing and making activities, and to experiment with a wide range of materials and manufacturing processes.
The majority of the course is project based and consists of a design folder and a final manufactured product.

Areas of study will include:

During the course students will complete a range of design projects where they can experiment with various materials and techniques.
They will then move on to complete a main design project which will include a design folder, prototypes and a final product. Students will also use CAD/CAM during the project.


The controlled assessment is worth 60% of your GCSE, with a written examination making up the other 40%.

Personal Attributes Required:

Students will need to be hard working, creative and dedicated. They must understand that written research, analysis and evaluating are all included in the course as well as practical tasks. However, the course does involve a lot of practical work so students must be able to work safely, and independently.

Future Career Plans:

Design Technology allows you to gain many practical and fundamental skills that are transferrable. You may wish to go on to further study such as A level Product Design or Graphics. You can also progress into careers including:

  • Architectural design
  • Product Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Carpentry/joinery

Homework Expectations:

Students will be expected to complete a range of independent research tasks, personal preparation, design ideas and written tasks on a weekly basis.

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