GCSE Drama (Edexcel)


Do you like the spotlight?

Do you want to be on stage?

Do you enjoy writing scripts, exploring important issues and studying plays?

If so, Drama could be the course for you.


Please note coursework is an essential component of drama and makes up approximately 40% of the total mark given. You will be expected to write about what you have done in lessons, describe and illustrate how you have developed your ideas and reflect on the work you have chosen to do.

Summary of Assessment

GCSE Drama 

The course is split into 3 components. Below is an outline of each component, what it entails and what it is worth.

Component 1:

40% Overall Mark

Devising & Recording’

What do I have to do?

In a group you will create a piece of theatre based on a stimulus (this can be visual, text based – like a poem – a theme or issue, a news article).

You will perform this and this will be assessed by your teacher and moderated by an examiner.

You will also have to record your process through a workbook.

Practical – 15 marks

Recording – 30 marks

Component 2:


20% Overall Mark

What do I have to do?

You will perform two extracts from a play. You will have to perform this as a duologue or as a small group.

You will be assessed on Physical Skills, Vocal Skills, Character and Communication and Artistic conventions.

You will perform this for a visiting examiner.

Component 3:

Theatre Makers in Practice

40% Overall Mark

There are 2 areas of study:

  1. Study of one complete performance text
  2. A Live Theatre Evaluation

You will explore the play practically throughout the 2 years, you will then sit an exam based on this set text and the choices that a director/ actor/ designer has to make in order to stage a play effectively.

Within this year you will also have been to see a live play which you will review, commenting on the overall elements were effective.

Within the examination you will review the theatre that you have seen using a selection of notes.

Personal Attributes required:

So, is Drama for you?

Are you keen on Drama?

Do you enjoy working with others?

Do you want to increase your confidence?

Do you like to perform in front of others?

Are you willing to try new things?

Are you prepared to work with anyone-friends or not?

Are you willing to work hard and accept a challenge?

Future Career Plans:

Drama can provide you with valuable experience for lots of future careers, not just the stage!

  • Theatre (including stage management, directing and performing).
  • Media and television including a useful starting point for writing and/or presenting.
  • Speech therapy
  • Drama therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Nursing
  • Social work
  • A number of university courses
  • Teaching
  • Advertising
  • Business

Studying drama can really provide you with great skills, while being fun at the same time. It can teach you essential techniques when dealing with people and could even prepare you for management positions in your chosen career.

Homework Expectations:

Students will be expected to evaluate lessons, research material and complete a range of written tasks on a weekly basis.


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