In Drama at Wright Robinson Drama we aim to build confidence, form great relationships and promote excellent teamwork . Students will participate in performance, creating and responding to work they have seen both professionally and in lesson. They have a broad programme of study which enhances both their knowledge of drama and dramatic skill and also gives them perspective of the wider world.

Y7: Autumn 1

Drama Basics: an introduction into group work, independent work and the basic drama skills you will develop over the course of the 2 years.

Autumn 2

Pantomime: A fun Scheme of work which looks at the origins of pantomime and melodrama. Students will use costume and create their own pantomime.

Spring 1

Greek Theatre: we look at the very origins of theatre in the amphitheatres of ancient Greece. Students will also use masks.

Spring 2

Rose Blanche: In this unit students will study the character of Rose Blanche through exploration of the Holocaust and WWII.

Summer 1&2

Wacky Soap: the students will use the play Wacky Soap to look at the true meaning of happiness.

Year 8: Autumn 1

Drama Basics: A brush up on the Basic Skills that we will need across the year.

Autumn 2

Silent movies and Comedy: A brief history of the story of the movies and the main influences of the silent movies to stand -up comedy today.

Spring 1

Commedia D’el Arte: An exploration into the origins of street theatre from the streets of Italy.

Spring 2

Superheroes: A look at super heroes in comics and our own personal heroes.

Summer 1

Ernie and his Incredible Illucinations: Students will explore Ernie and what happens when his crazy daydreams become reality!!








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