Wright Robinson College is pleased to be able to offer

Beginners English lessons for Parents


Wright Robinson College welcomes many students for whom English is not their first language. Many of these students also speak and write English very well and can access all areas of the curriculum fully. Some students may, however, be recent arrivals to this country or may be in the earlier stages of acquiring fluency in English. For these students, we offer specialist and dedicated assistance in the following areas:

– small group teaching of English, ranging from absolute beginner classes to more intermediate-level classes. The focus is on developing language which will allow students to access curriculum subjects.

– 1:1 sessions with our specialist EAL instructors

– in-class support in core subjects such as English, Science, History & Geography

What is offered to each student depends entirely on their need. The over-riding aim is to integrate students as quickly as possible into the full life of the school, its curriculum and extra-curricular activities.

Our EAL team also facilitates the taking of GCSE language examinations in students’ first language, where specifications exist. This allows students to maintain important links with their first language.

The EAL team additionally plays an important role in welcoming and inducting EAL students into the college, including conducting initial assessment in English language capability, and performs an important on-going pastoral role.

Finally, the EAL team works increasingly with subject teachers to develop the whole staff’s capacity and capability to independently provide for different levels of competence in English language.

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