In Year 9, students may choose to follow a GCSE course in French, Spanish or both. We encourage many students with a native or near-native background in French to follow GCSE French although it is also available as an option to those who have studied it in Year 8. Currently taught specifications are split between the current Edexcel 2009 specification (for final exam entry in 2017) and what we anticipate will be the revised 9-1 specification for first examination in 2018.


GCSE French (Edexcel)


GCSE French is a full GCSE course.  It counts towards the English Baccalaureate qualification.

Areas of study will include:

You will learn how to communicate for practical purposes in French but will also automatically learn a great deal about the structure of the language and build up your knowledge of useful grammar.

You will learn more in-depth about such topics as Holidays, Friends & Family, Social Life, Sports & Leisure and School & Future Plans.  These topics will be taught through interesting contexts, one of which is film.


The GCSE qualification is currently assessed by Edexcel as 60% Controlled Assessment (work done throughout the course in speaking and writing) and 40% final examination (listening and reading).

Personal Attributes required:

Students should have been reasonably successful in their language studies in Years 7 and 8.  They should enjoy learning new ideas and be willing to work hard and participate.

Future Career Plans:

Languages are very useful in today’s international world. Many employers are looking for people with languages skills and these people can find it easier to get better and higher-paid jobs.   Languages also go really well with a wide range of other subjects. for example, finance and business, law, media, science and travel and tourism.  Colleges and universities look favourably on students with a GCSE languages qualification and some now specify that a GCSE in languages is required for entry on to some degree courses.  The course we teach is also an ideal preparation for sixth-form study at AS and A-Level.

Homework Expectations:

There is an expectation that students will complete a range of written and learning tasks throughout the course. At least one homework will be set weekly.


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