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Mission Statement

Team Wright Robinson is fully committed to inspiring its students

to achieve academic excellence, good character and resilience.

This will enable our students to be instrumental in contributing to

and shaping British Society in an internationally competitive world.

Vision Statement

  1. The staff and Governing Body of Wright Robinson College believes that its core purpose is to enable all students to fulfil their academic potential and to prepare them to be resilient citizens of good character, who are able to contribute to their community and society as a whole.
  1. Team Wright Robinson as a community of students, parents/carers, teachers, support staff and governors are mindful and understanding of the barriers to learning and are committed to ensuring that Wright Robinson College will be an Outstanding Secondary School
  1. Wright Robinson College has become an Outstanding School by investing in high quality teaching that achieves the best possible learning outcomes for the students we serve. The staff fully understand the diversity of the community they teach and believe that through on-going continuous professional development, every student should be able to achieve their full academic potential.
  1. Working as Team Wright Robinson, we will continue to engage in building excellent relationships with our students and their families. This will ensure that students are supported through their learning journey.
  1. We will challenge every student to achieve their full potential by guiding them along their learning journey and providing them with a challenging academic curriculum that is tailored to their educational needs.
  1. In implementing our vision for Wright Robinson College, we believe in the following values:
  2. All students are equal and have a right to learn in a safe environment;

(a)All members of the College Community have a right to be treated fairly and with dignity;

(b)That good behaviour is synonymous with achieving the best academic outcomes.

(c)As a community we will not tolerate poor behaviour as this interrupts and stops learning;

(d)We will celebrate and respect the diversity of our community;

(e)That as a community we will celebrate our successes and achievements together.

  1. We are of the firm belief that we can maintain our Outstanding School Status.

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