At KS4 (Year 10 & 11) pupils in PE follow a different curriculum from KS3.  All pupils have a minimum of 4 hours of PE a fortnight. The curriculum model for KS4 Core PE focuses on 3 different areas that the pupils will visit twice during the academic year.  Fitness (looking at different ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle), Competition (Interhouse competitions in a variety of activities/pupils have different roles- organiser/umpire/coach/player), Option- pupils can opt for what activity/sport they would like to do for that half term.



Students will be assessed in line with the new National curriculum for Physical Education.

Personal Attributes required:

Students need to be committed to improving their personal fitness and developing their skill application.

Students should be willing to join in a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities offered at Wright Robinson College.

Future Career Plans:

The course will promote healthy lifestyles.  It can also support a future career in Recreational Management, Leisure Activities, the Fitness Industry and Coaching.

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