All year groups follow a programme of study for PSHRE/Citizenship which includes Religious education, Personal Social and Health Education (including Sex and Drug education) and Citizenship. The topics are studied on a rolling programme across all year groups and can be taught as stand-alone PSHE or can be combined e.g. PSHRE which will look at issues from a religious and secular viewpoint. Citizenship is taught as a stand-alone topic and is taught to all year groups.

Assembly and form time also support the PSHRE/Citizenship programme, Assemblies, Pause for thought and RE in form time link into the programme of study as well as reflecting issues that arise in the college. The PSHRE department also have a twitter account that ‘tweets’ information on religious festivals and inspirational quotes you can follow us

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All staff who deliver sensitive topics are trained to do so and if parents have any questions or concerns about the topics studied they should contact the school and we would be glad to discuss this with you. More detailed information about the topics covered can be found on the following pages.

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PSHE is taught in lessons on a rolling programme and is also covered in form time and through assemblies. There is no formal qualification in PSHE, however ‘PSHE education is a planned programme of learning through which children and young people acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to manage their lives. As part of a whole school approach, PSHE develops the qualities and attributes pupils need to thrive as individuals, family members and members of society’ PSHE Association.

Year 9

PSHRE (A combination of PSHE and RE) Students will examine Drugs and the impact that they have on their lives and the lives of others. As part of the SRE programme students will be taught about FGM and the law,   sexting and staying safe on line.

PSHE: Students will study personal identities covering such topics as sex and gender identity. The will also study Relationship, diversity and STI’s which will cover topics such as ‘safe sex’ and ‘homophobia’

Year 10

PSHRE (A combination of PSHE and RE) As part of the Marriage and family unit students will look at Family life, Relationships, Contraception, and FGM.

PSHE Students will study Relationships and Exploitation and will cover such topics as staying safe online and domestic violence.

Year 11

PSHE will cover a number of topics in year 11 including Beauty and the media (body image) and dealing with pressure (Sex, drugs and alcohol). Legal and Illegal will look at the laws around sex and relationships and will lead into Relationships and staying safe online, they also examine online bullying and how this can be dealt with. As part of the SRE programme students will also be informed about FGM and the law.



Year 9

Citizenship in year 9 will build upon the lessons covered in PSHRE on Crime and Punishment and Drugs and Alcohol. The lessons will focus on the laws on drugs and alcohol, why they are there and how laws protect individuals and the wider community.

Year 10

Citizenship in year 10 will focus on the world of work and will be linked to careers and preparation for work experience

Year 11

Citizenship in year 11 will build on the previous learning about the law and will examine crime and how this impacts on lives. Students will also study the impact of the media in particular how the media (including social media) impacts on the lives of young people in Britain today.


 For more information regarding the PSHRE/Citizenship curriculum taught at Wright Robinson College please contact Mrs Massey on 0161 370 5121.

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