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School bus fare changes 2017/2018

From the start of the next academic year, there will be some changes to the fares which are charged on the majority of TfGM subsidised school buses. These changes should make school fares easier to understand for both passengers and operators.

From 1 September, the fare structure will be simplified so that children are all charged a flat fare. This will replace the existing system whereby children are charged one of three different fares depending on the distance they travel. 

For children with igo passes, the new single fare will be £1.30, the new return fare will be £2.20 and the new cost of the school weekly ticket will be £7.00.

Children who do not have igo passes will continue to be charged a default single fare which, from September, will be £1.70. Children without igo passes are also unable to buy either returns or weekly tickets.

There are still a number of school buses where fares are set by the operator and which will therefore be unaffected by these changes.

Full details on which school services will be affected will be provided on before the start of the new school year.

We would be grateful if you could communicate these changes to pupils ahead of the new academic year.

Thank you for your co-operation and please contact us on 0161 244 1000 for further assistance.

Yours sincerely,

Operational Service Planning   TfGM


Please note the changes to the school bus services from September 2018.


Dear Parent/Carer

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone back to school and to address an issue that has arisen in relation to transport.

Unfortunately, we were not informed as a college that the 704 Stagecoach Bus Service which has replaced the Yellow Y4 Bus has also been issued with a new route. As a result, some students have been left with transport issues at the start of this term and parents/carers have been greatly inconvenienced.

The college would like to thank parents for their understanding and cooperation with this matter. It is important to note that the college has no say in the selection of service providers and we have little influence over routes and capacity.

We have spoken to Senior Stagecoach staff and we have been issued with a route map (see the college website for details) for the 704 service. There are now two 704 services operating. To slightly confuse matters on the return journey one service terminates at Edge Lane, Clayton whilst the other service runs through to Newton Heath.

At present both buses are marked as 704’s which is not particularly helpful for students or staff. Following discussions with the college Stagecoach are currently looking into the possibility of numerically distinguishing between the two. However, I have been informed that in the main, unless availability prevents this, the bus that runs to Newton Heath will be a Yellow Bus and it should depart later than the service that terminates at Edge Lane.

I would suggest that students always check the final destination of the 704 when purchasing a ticket.

In summary the college is now served by the following Stagecoach Services; 703, 704, 705, 171,172,706 and the 768 (please check the timetables as some of the buses listed only serve Wright Robinson College at specific times of the day).

Additionally, the Stagecoach Services 7 and 168 also pass close to college on a daily basis.

It is advisable to check routes and times via the link below: –

I hope that the above information is useful and that any future bus problems are alleviated. This information and the bus timetables will be posted on the college website.

Yours sincerely,

Mr N L Beischer (Headteacher)

The Yellow School Bus is operated by TfGM and students wishing to travel on this service must complete the application process.

Yellow School Bus Services letter 2017-2018

Link to apply for places on the Yellow School Bus


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