school council

The Student Council is strong, helping to promote the ethos of the College and plays a key role in improving the College environment. The School Council Comprises of two members of each year group who meet regularly with the Head, Mr Beischer to discuss matters that concern the pupils of Wright Robinson.

Form Representatives

  • Participate in council meetings and information and training programs;
  • Act as a link between the school council and your form
  • Be responsible for encouraging pupils and others to be involved in the school ethos

Year Team Representatives

  • Call council meetings
  • Prepare agendas for council meetings ( co ordinate with AR)
  • Support and lead on council activities
  • Chair year council meetings
  • Ensure that minutes of council meetings are recorded and maintained
  • Ensure regular communication with  lead council
  • Organise future elections
  • Make and maintain a year school council notice board by the year office


School Council Newsletter December 2015



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