GCSE Science (Edexcel)


GCSE Core Science allows you to gain one GCSE. This will help you gain entry into college to study a range of A-level courses and apprenticeships. This is a practical and theoretical qualification where you will learn many skills including team work and practical based skills.

Areas of Study will include:

You will study, Biology Influences on life, Chemistry and our world and Universal Physics. You will also complete three pieces of coursework for each area and carry out many practical based activities.

GCSE Science

B1 – Influences on Life
Topic 1:
 Classification, variation and inheritance
Topic 2: Responses to a changing environment
Topic 3: Problems of and solutions to a changing environment

C1 – Chemistry and our world
Topic 1: The Earth’s sea and atmosphere
Topic 2: The early oceans
Topic 3: Acids
Topic 4: Obtaining and using metals
Topic 5: Fuels

P1 – Universal Physics
Topic 1: Visible Light and the solar system
Topic 2: The electromagnetic spectrum
Topic 3: Waves and the universe
Topic 4: Waves and the Earth
Topic 5: Generation and Transmission of electricity
Topic 6: Energy and the Future

Coursework P1, C1, B1 to be completed


You will sit your exams at the end of year 11. During the year you will sit internal exams and be constantly assessed in lessons through various differentiated activities and practical work.

Personal Attributes Required:

You will need to be hard working and dedicated. You must come prepared for your lessons with your homework completed and the correct stationary.

This course involves practical work so you must be a pupil who can work safely and follow instructions and work as part of a team.

Future Career Plans:

GCSE Science is accepted by all colleges and will be one of your five GCSE’s that you will need for entry. This course will allow you to gain many practical and fundamental skills that you can apply to everyday situations and are transferrable skills.


 For more information regarding the curriculum taught at Wright Robinson College please contact Mr Benedict on 0161 370 5121.

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