Special Educational Needs and Disability

SEND Information for Parents/Carers

Wright Robinson SEND Policy

Wright Robinson College is an inclusive college, with a diverse population. Students with a wide range of special educational needs are successful at Wright Robinson, and most are included in mainstream education, with varying degrees of support.  Students with special educational needs or disability (SEND) are well supported through the curriculum, pastoral and inclusion teams.  Policies and procedures are in place to ensure they feel happy, safe and secure and benefit from teaching, support and pastoral care that enables them to reach their potential.

For some young people with SEND it is clear which type of secondary educational establishment is likely to be the most suitable for them, but for others there will be a difficult choice for parents and the local authority to make between mainstream and specialist/alternative provision.

For students hoping to, or about to, join Wright Robinson College there will be close liaison between us and your child’s current school to ensure that the transition is a smooth as possible.  If any additional transition visits are needed to support students these will be arranged and facilitated by the SENCo’s and inclusion teams.

All students with SEN are integrated into Wright Robinson College through mixed ability tutor groups, ability sets and, in Year 9, the option groups for the Key Stage 4 curriculum. However, students’ needs are assessed regularly and where appropriate, or necessary, intervention is delivered through 1:1, 1:2 or small group situations.

We have strong links with the Authority and specialist support agencies. They complement the college’s provision for students with special educational needs, and can support the assessment of any student whose needs may emerge during secondary education.

The college receives funding for statemented students. This is delegated to meet each student’s needs according to their ‘Annual Statement’.  The provision and need of the student is reviewed annually through the ‘Annual Review’, which includes representatives from the Local Authority.

For any students with a disability who are hoping to attend Wright Robinson College, the college has appropriate provision to ensure full access to all facilities and the whole curriculum.

If you feel your child may struggle with transition to Wright Robinson College, but they have not been offered additional transition visits through the primary school, please contact the SENCo or Assistant SENCo to discuss.

A booklet will be available for you to download and work through with your child to familiarise them with Wright Robinson, and hopefully ease any transition fears they may have about attending such a large college.

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