Information for Teachers

Teachers are an influential part of the decision making of students. We aim to support you by providing;

  • Our Careers Programme
  • Inset day talks
  • A Careers Champion for each subject to co-ordinate information and activities via the Careers Lead.
  • Website links to pass on to students
  • Subject-specific posters to display

We expect all teachers to be aware of the relevance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects for a wide range of future careers.

Teachers should be able to talk about careers related to their subject and understand the routes pathways and skills in demand from employers.

Please email feedback, comments or suggestions about our Careers Programme to Christine Pugh, Careers Lead:

Gatsby Benchmarks

The Government’s new Careers Strategy published in 2017 set out the plan for building a high quality careers system that will help young people to succeed. The Gatsby Benchmarks define all the elements of an excellent Careers Programme. We are working towards achieving all 8 Gatsby Benchmarks by 2020.

Benchmark 4 and 5

A particular focus is around benchmark 4 and 5 and we are planning a series of activities in the academic year 2019-2020 to address this so that each subject can deliver 1 lesson per year specifically focused around linking to careers in their subject.

Gatsby Benchmark 4

Gatsby Benchmark 5