Dear Parent/Carer

October Half-Term

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all students on a successful start to the new academic year in what has been very challenging times. I feel very proud of what we have achieved as a community of parents/carers, students and staff over the last eight weeks. Students have responded in a positive way to the college’s new daily systems with remarkable ease and assurance.

Teaching and Learning

We have carried on evolving our approach to learning and teaching and have gained considerable experience working with the latest technology to ensure that when students are self-isolating they can still access their lessons remotely. This has required a huge effort from our staff, particularly our IT team and I am extremely grateful to all of them for making this work. There are a number of scenarios that we are now set up to deal with:-

  1. If a group of students have to self-isolate, lessons will be available on Teams including, where appropriate, ‘live content’
  2. If we have to isolate a whole year group, or if there is a national ‘circuit-break’ that affects the whole college, students will be able to access their lessons online from home
  • If a student is ill, rather than self-isolating, we are not proposing that they beam in – they should concentrate on getting better, as would normally be the case. In such cases, teachers will help them to catch up on what they have missed, once they feel better. We recognise that a mix of scenarios i. and ii. are likely to be with us for at least the remainder of the academic year.

Staying Safe

The college will continue to monitor the local and national situation regarding Covid-19, follow government guidelines and make changes to the college’s systems if appropriate. Face covering will continue to be mandatory in all internal areas of the college building. Treacle assemblies have taken place this week facilitated through virtual assemblies for all year groups; please reinforce the message to your son/daughter of bonfire and firework safety at this particular time.

Reporting a positive case during half-term

Whilst we hope everyone remains healthy and Covid free over half-term we appreciate that some students may test positive during this period. It is vital that we are informed immediately, even though we are on holiday, so that we can inform any students and staff that may need to self-isolate as a consequence.

This will only apply if a positive test result is recorded between Saturday 24th October and Monday 26th October 2020 (inclusive). Please email covidreport@wrightrobinson.co.uk and include the student’s full name, year group and the date of the positive test result.

Health and Well-Being

The college actively promotes healthy eating alongside the benefits of physical activity to improve our students’ health and well-being. Please can I remind all parents/carers and students that fizzy drinks, caffeine energy drinks and sugary sweets are not permitted in college. If students to bring these on the college campus they will be confiscated and parents/carers informed.


Throughout 2020-2021, the College will continue in its drive to maintain the highest standards of attendance, punctuality, uniform and behaviour. May I take this opportunity to remind students that trainers and plimsolls/pumps are not permitted items of footwear. Shoes should be plain black. No jewellery should be worn on the college campus at any time. ‘Drainpipe’ trousers are not permitted and girls skirts must be work to an acceptable length and any make up should be natural in appearance. Furthermore, any type of shaving or pattern into the hair contravenes the College’s uniform policy.

The college will close at 2.45pm on Friday 23rd October 2020 for the Half-Term holiday. College will re-open on Monday 2nd November 2020 at 8.25am for all students.

If you have any questions regarding this letter, please speak to the year team in the first instance.

Finally, may I take this opportunity to thank you all once again for your continued support and wish you all the best for Half-Term. Please take care and stay safe.

Yours sincerely

Mr M Haworth



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