Dear Parent / Carer,

The PE department are pleased to announce that we are going to commence extra-curricular activities for all year groups across the College. During this time we are only able to offer a limited amount of activities, however all students are welcome to come along and take part in some form of physical activity.  There will be opportunities for students to join teams but our ‘Let’s Play’ initiative will run alongside this allowing all students to come and play for fun, fitness and to be with friends.

Our main concern is having sufficient changing facilities to keep the students safe and therefore we will be allowing some students to stay in their PE kit throughout the day after they have taken part in PE. All students must arrive to College in their full College uniform, however if they have PE during the day they will remain in their PE kit in preparation for the after College activity. Students will be permitted to wear a base layer under their PE kit that is red or black in accordance with the College’s uniform policy and will also continue to wear their blazer throughout the day. Only students staying after College will do this. Students will not be permitted to wear any items of sportswear that is not College uniform.

Students who do not have PE on the day of their extra-curricular activity will meet on the tennis courts at 3.00pm and will be taken to a specific changing room with their form to get changed. Once changed they will be taken to the appropriate area. The session will finish at 4.00pm. The College buses will have stopped running at this time and parents are expected to provide transportation home or to make alternative arrangements.

The extra-curricular programme will run on a two week timetable as listed below, commencing on Tuesday 29th September. At the moment only Year 7 students will attend every week. Activities on offer will include Netball, Football, Basketball and Dance.

TUESDAY Year 10 Year 8
WEDNESDAY Year 9 Year 11
THURSDAY Year 7 Year 7


If you son/daughter would like to take part then they should attend on the relevant day.

Yours faithfully

Mrs M Haworth

Head of PE


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