I hope that you are all well. I am aware that it can sometimes feel like all of the days are blending into one at the moment but we must remain strong and keep motivated. I am pleased to say that as a college we are still facilitating provision for the children of key workers and supporting those most vulnerable within our community.

In addition we are continuing to do all that we can to help other frontline staff.

Ms Bending and Mr Dootson produced in excess of two hundred face protectors which along with our safety glasses from Science have been distributed to the Christie Hospital, Trafford General Hospital and to various care homes in and around the East Manchester area.

On Friday Ms Handley delivered the first sets of her homemade scrubs to the Dell Care Home and there is an intention to produce more to meet demand.

It was nice to see the college mentioned in last Saturday’s Manchester Evening News in a letter recognising the excellent work that we are doing at this time.

Much is being speculated in the Media at the moment regarding schools reopening. At the time of writing we have not been told anything with regards reopening but should the situation change please be assured that we will communicate any details to you in a timely fashion.

With that in mind we continue to look at how we can best try and find ways of supporting our young people and their families. This week students will be able to access private music lessons from home via the Zoom Application.

On Friday Ms Greenhouse launched the Duke of Edinburgh programme for the Year 9 cohort. She has been working closely with the regional D of E team and we are hopeful that even in lockdown students can complete some elements of the physical component of the course.

I have no doubt that you are all concerned with regards the impact the current situation is having on your son / daughter, particularly on their mental health. There are clearly concerns with regard to how the forced closure will ultimately impact on the examination results of all students.

With this in mind I wrote to the parents/carers of all year 10 students last Monday to try and allay any fears. Later in the week I also wrote to Afzal Khan (MP Gorton) @Afzal4Gorton, Lucy Powell (MP Manchester Central) @LucyMPowell and Andy Burnham (Mayor of Greater Manchester) @AndyBurnhamGM to ascertain if they would be able to help us obtain a clearer picture as to what the expectations may be for our Year 11 students next summer. As a result I now have a Zoom Meeting with Afzal Khan on Tuesday, so hopefully I will have more news to report soon.

As a precursor to the launch of the College’s Sports Presentation Awards 2020-2021 on Monday 10th May I will be holding a Q and A with one of our alumni Kean Bryan @keanB07 a former School Colours Winner and now professional footballer with Sheffield United. At present it is scheduled for Friday 8th May with the time yet to be confirmed. We are not sure as to how we will air the interview but one possibility is through the Wright Robinson You Tube Channel. Once details are confirmed I will let you all know should anyone wish to listen to the interview.

All that remains is for me to wish you all well. Please continue to adhere to the lockdown guidelines and keep yourselves and others safe.

Take care.

Mr M E Haworth




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