It was great to welcome everyone back on Monday after the break and particularly pleasing to start the week by presenting an award to Stanley and Faith in year 10 for the work they are undertaking in their roles as Unified Action Ambassadors.
The Ambassadorial role has been created by the Youth Sport Trust who are working in partnership with Sporting Equals and 2-3 Degrees on a project that will run over six months. Funding was secured through the Faith, Race and Hate Crime Grant Scheme for a project titled ‘Unified Action in five cities’, one of which is Manchester.

It is a project to promote shared values among people of all backgrounds through sustainable social integration and meaningful civic participation. This project has been designed to promote understanding and shared values between and within faith and ethnic communities, and other communities which form a part of civil society.

Faith and Stanley have previously made significant contributions to numerous leadership programmes/projects in college working their way up the Wright Robinson College leadership ladder showing commitment, dedication and resilience throughout.

The project will enable students to use their voice to directly influence decision making within school, local community and sport. Their remit is to increase accessibility and opportunity in specific activities for young people of all backgrounds. Stanley and Faith are currently planning a Dance programme for both local primary schools and local care homes.

I am certain that you will join me in congratulating Faith and Stanley on what is an inspired and influential piece of work. Well Done.

The theme of presentations continued later in the week with successful Year 10 students receiving their prefect ties as part of their inauguration into their new positions. The role of prefect is not only highly coveted at Wright Robinson it is extremely important as students take on senior responsibilities assisting staff with duties around the college. All successful appointees should be very proud of their achievements and I look forward to working with them in the future. The fact that we will have 240 prefects in post illustrates the commitment of our students and further underlines the positive relationships that exist between students and staff.

Finally, congratulations to Mr Watson our school crossing patrol officer who earlier this week reached a ‘milestone birthday’. Mr Watson is present on Abbey Hey Lane pre and post school in all weather conditions ensuring that our students depart college safely. It was only fitting therefore that he was presented with a small token of appreciation to mark his birthday by Fairy and Jordell the college’s Head Girl and Head Boy, on behalf of the entire student body.


Mr Haworth



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