In general, the past seven days have been as busy as ever at college with lots of work taking place behind the scenes to prepare the building for us to safely receive increased numbers of year 10 students from Monday. I know that the staff and I are looking forward to seeing the students and hopefully these will be the first steps to us returning to some form of normality.

Late last week the college was recognised on the FareShare website for all of the work that our staff have done during the lockdown. I would once again like to thank all those who have been involved in this work.

Next week the PE Department launches its bid to get Wright Robinson around the world. ‘Wright Robbie around the world’ requires us all to contribute where possible by registering our distance covered when partaking in any form of physical exercise. To achieve our goal it will require the help of students, staff and family members of all those linked to Team Wright Robinson. I hope that as many of you as possible will join us in taking part and I look forward to seeing how far the team travels.

Next week will also see the launch of daily individual Year Group assemblies. These will air on the college’s You Tube channel every day at 11am. The assemblies will commence on Monday 15th June with Year 7 and culminate with Year 11 on Friday 19th June. It is hoped that the assemblies will provide our Pastoral staff with an opportunity to pass on a positive message to our students and bring the year group together albeit in a virtual way.

I read earlier this week that any crisis provokes three stages of response. There is the initial state of emergency where clear goals are shared with an urgency that makes us feel energised, focused and productive. The second stage is one of regression when there is a realisation that the future is uncertain. People can lose a sense of purpose, become tired, irritable, withdrawn and less productive. I have no doubt that many of us have fought hard not to allow this stage to embed itself in our minds. The third and final phase is one of recovery. We begin to reorient, revise our goals, expectations and roles. We begin to focus on the future, we have hope and expectation.

I hope that the college’s plan to increase student numbers from Monday will see more of you feel that you are making your way tentatively into phase three. Hopefully we will be able to provide information with regards September opening soon. At present we await official guidance from the DFE on this matter.

I look forward to a physically active week for us all from Monday.

Take Care.

Mr M E Haworth



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