It has been another busy time for the students and staff of Wright Robinson during the past two weeks but the highlight for me has to be the appointments we made last Friday to our senior student positions within the college. The successful candidates are:-

Head Girl– Fairy Chi; Deputy Head Girls– Mabel Adjei and Molly Edwards; Assistant Head Girls– Samara Brooks, Holly Dillon, Delina Gebretatos and Oluwateniola Adekoya.

Head Boy– Jordell Atkinson; Deputy Head Boys – Evan Kippen  and Aleksander Walentynowicz;

Assistant Head Boys– Solomon Fordwor, Maxwell Kvaternik and William Bell.

It made me immensely proud as the Headteacher to interview such articulate and considered young people who during their four years at Wright Robinson have amassed an array of experiences, developing a skill set which they were able to relate back to during the interview process. I wish them all the best in their ambassadorial roles and look forward to working closely with them during the next academic year.

This week the Wright Robinson community were set the task of taking ‘Wright Robbie around the world’ by Mr Simonneau and the PE Department. I am pleased to report that current and past students, their families, friends and staff have all taken part in the venture sending in pictures of themselves participating in physical activities and registering their distances covered. The college has been inundated with entries and what was particularly pleasing was the number of current Year 6 students who will be attending Wright Robinson in September that helped us along our journey.

This is a further example of the wider Team Wright Robinson working together for a common. It once again illustrates that the togetherness that permeates all levels of our community is as strong as ever.

Today is the final day that our year current Year 11 cohort or our class of 2020 as they are now known will be officially listed on roll at Wright Robinson College. It is with deep sadness that we depart in these circumstances having not had the opportunity to meet in person to say our goodbyes due to the current situation. All of the staff are extremely proud of our outgoing students and we wish them the very best of luck in the future. We are confident that as individuals they will go on to achieve great things and we look forward to hearing of their success stories in the future. As stated in my letter to the students they should never forget that they will always be members of this great team and are welcome back at any time.

Take Care.

Mr M E Haworth



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