It is very much a belated Happy New Year that I wish you all today at a time where once again we find ourselves in the midst of a national lockdown.

I am aware from the many messages of thanks, that you share my opinion that the staff at the college are doing everything possible to make the learning experience as positive as it can be within the current restrictions.

We are now into week two of our ‘live lessons’ which are being taught as timetabled to all classes. Our technical helpline has been extremely busy working with parents/carers to solve a variety of technical issues and we continue to look for answers to presenting problems on a daily basis.

Thank you to all of the parents/carers who have contacted the college to say how pleased you are with the college’s response to this latest lockdown and to thank us for the work we are doing.

I would particularly like to thanks all parents/carers for the work that you are doing at home to ensure your son/daughter accesses the ‘live lessons’ and participates fully in them. Please be assured that we do not underestimate the importance of your role. Once again this is an illustration of Team Wright Robinson working together for a common purpose.

Today I have written to the parents/carers of students in Year 11 with regards to their mock examinations and the external examinations that were scheduled to take place in the summer. Whatever the ultimate decision is regarding the awarding of grades this year the overriding message remains the same for our Year 11 students as it does for all students and that is how vitally important it is that they engage with the lessons that are being provided and attempt to do the best that they can at all times.

Please be assured that I will not allow the events of the past year to disadvantage any of our students.

Please continue to take care and follow the government guidelines.

Mr Haworth



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