It has been a busy few weeks at College despite the fact that the city has been under a full lockdown.  I hope that everyone has had an opportunity to view the video of our college community observing Remembrance Day.  Once again this illustrates a determination by us all to do what we can in the current climate and to keep things as close to the ‘old normal’ as we possibly can.

With this in mind, this week we have focused on maintaining positive Mental Health and Well Being.  Obviously, there is no substitute to being physically active and the benefits that this brings both physically and mentally are huge.  During assembly time throughout the week students have listened to messages from professional athletes Emily Campbell – England Weightlifter, Beth Dobbin –  Great Britain 200m sprinter and Tommy Makinson who plays Rugby League for St Helens and England.  They each discussed their own individual sporting journeys and how important being active is to them personally particularly in terms of maintaining positive mental health.  Emily Campbell summed things up perfectly for me when she said, “If you are not active, get active.  If you are active, stay active”.

As part of this week’s initiative the students have been asked to write poems conveying messages of kindness from Wright Robinson.  I found the work very heartening and would like to sign off this week’s blog by wishing you all well and leaving you with some of the poems the students wrote.  I must also thank Emily, Beth and Tommy for their inspirational contributions and wish Tommy the best of luck in this evening’s Grand Final.

A message of kindness from Wright Robinson

We live in times that are uncertain, and we’re working harder

to connect

and we work harder to see farther along the road that lies ahead

along a road that now seems foggy, filled with

darkness, filled with doubt,

but right here, we will take notice,

we’ll be a light that’s shining out.


Wright Robinson:

Know today that you are good enough

we’re a team when things get tough –

commit deeply – keep on learning

Give your time, give your love

Keep active, be kind to your body:

know that this way will not last.

Look to your exciting future,

Live in the present,

Remember our past.

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