National Careers Week 

Has the national careers week inspired you towards a career in mathematics? 

Maybe it’s something you have been thinking about for a while, but you’re not sure where to start?  

Here are a few articles to build your confidence and help you get started:  

Is A-level maths hard?  

A-level Maths. You know it’s the essential step towards any career involving maths, but you have been wondering whether it’s for you. If this is you, make sure you read this article! 

If I study for a maths degree, where can I work? 

For those who know they want to work with maths, but are not sure what jobs they could aim towards. 

Where can I find materials to extend my learning beyond the GCSE curriculum?  

If you want that little extra to help you prepare for the vast world of mathematics. 


Changes to Transition Days

Parents and carers of Year 6 students joining us in September please read the information about changes to our Transition Days in the letter below.

Year 6 Changes to Transition Days Letter


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