Admissions Policy 2019


Admission Appeals at Wright Robinson College

September 2020

If you were not offered a place for your child at the college for September 2020 you have the right to appeal.
Parents who wish to appeal for a place at Wright Robinson should contact Mrs Duffy (0161 826 1026) to request an Admission Appeal Form and Appeal Guidelines.
Alternatively you may collect an Appeal Pack from the college gate staff during school hours.

The Admission Appeal Form must be returned to Mrs Duffy by Friday 27th March 2020.

Failure to return your appeal form by this date may result in a delay of up to 40 school days for your hearing.

Admission Appeals will be held:

Monday 4th – Thursday 7th May 2020

Decision letters from the Appeal Hearings will be sent to parents by Friday 15th May 2020.



Wright Robinson College is a non-selective, co-educational 11 to 16 year old school, situated in East Manchester. Our purpose built premises opened in 2007 and include specialist teaching rooms for Art, Technology and Music. There is also a state of the art Learning Resource Centre, as well as enviable sports facilities which house a 25m swimming pool, a double sports Hall, dance studio and fitness suite.

These excellent facilities enable us to offer a huge range of subjects, as well as an extensive programme of extra-curricular activities.

 We are a College that demands and achieves the highest standards in all areas leading to a disciplined, safe, caring and inspiring environment where students achieve their maximum potential. We place great emphasis on the excellent relationships that exist between students and between staff and students. Wright Robinson College believes that students should leave equipped with the best set of exam results they are capable of and the skills and attitude needed to ensure they thrive in a rapidly changing world.

The planned admission number for the College for September 2019 and subsequent years will be 360.

Our mission:

Team Wright Robinson is fully committed to inspiring its students to achieve academic excellence,
good character and resilience. This will enable our students to be instrumental in contributing
to and shaping British Society in an internationally competitive world.

1. Admissions

The Governing Body of Wright Robinson College, as the admission authority, will be responsible for determining who is allocated a place at the College in accordance with the Admission Policy.

Applications for a place at Wright Robinson will be prioritised on the following basis:

i) In line with current legislation Looked After Children and previously Looked After Children1will be given the highest priority for admission;

ii) Applicants who have a sibling2attending Wright Robinson at the time of admission;

iii)Children with exceptional medical/social needs3;

iv) According to the closest distance4between the child’s permanent home address and the college, measured in a straight line.

Where there are spaces available but a greater number of preferences, students will be offered places in the order detailed above.

2. Tie-Breaker

If the number of applicants assigned to one of the above oversubscription criteria exceeds the number of remaining places, a tie-breaker will be used to allocate those remaining places amongst that group of applicants.  The tie-breaker will be home to school distance as set out in criterion number iv) above.

3. Application Process

Applications forms and guidance notes are available to download from our website or to collect from main reception and are also available from the Local Authority.

The closing date for application forms is:31stOctober 2018

Manchester LA will write to the families of all applicants on 1st  March 2019 giving details of the school to which the pupil has been allocated.

Any Applications received after the closing date will be processed as a late application. Late applications received after the closing date may result in parents/carers not being offered a place at their preferred school. Where possible these applicants will be sent an offer letter on 1st March 2019 after all on time applicants have been offered a school place.

4. Withdrawal of Offer

Parents will be asked to respond directly to the LA. If they do not respond within deadlines set by the LA’s Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme the offer of a place will be withdrawn.

Parents will also wish to note that any offer of a place will be withdrawn where either the application is subsequently found to be fraudulent or intentionally misleading and results in a child with a stronger claim being denied a place (DCSF Code of Practice 2.12).

5. Applications for children of multiple births

If one child from a multiple birth (i.e. twins, triplets etc) is given a place at Wright Robinson then all children from that multiple birth will be offered places.

6. Appeals

Should a parent or career wish to appeal they should write to the Admissions Officer (Appeals) at Wright Robinson College. Appellants are recommended to lodge their appeal against the refusal of a place by 31stMarch 2019 to ensure that their appeal is heard in the main batch of appeals.

Appeals will be heard by an Independent Appeal Panel. The Admissions Officer will send the appeals to the Clerk to the Appeals who will inform appellants of their rights of appeal and the appeal procedures.

The determination of the appeal panel is binding on all parties.

7. Waiting Lists

As the Admission Authority waiting lists will be maintained by the Governing Body of the College and the Local Authority will be informed if/when a place has been offered to a student (DCSF Admission Code 2.14). The Waiting List for Year 7 will be held until the end of the Autumn Term.

8. Fair Access Protocol

In accordance with the requirements of the School Admission Code, the school has signed up to the In‐Year Fair Access Protocols held by the Local Authority. Should a vulnerable child within the Protocol require a place at Wright Robinson, the child will be admitted immediately or will move to the top of the waiting list, as determined by the Protocol Management Group.

9. In-Year Admissions

Approved by the Governors on: 12.3.18

(C. Brierley- Chair of Governors)


1‘Previously Looked after Children’ are children who were looked after, but ceased to be so because they were adopted (or became subject to a residence order or special guardianship order).
2“Sibling” means a full brother or sister, and a half brother or sister, adoptive brother or sister and non-blood related children who live with married or cohabiting parents in the same household.
3   Exceptional Social/Medical Need- Where such an application is made, full details of the exceptional need as of the date of application must be provided. Such details must include supporting evidence from a relevant professional such as a registered doctor or social worker. The supporting evidence must also set out the particular reasons why the school in question is the most suitable and the difficulties that would be caused if the applicant child had to attend another school.
4“Distance” is defined as the distance from the middle of the College building, in a straight line, to the centre of the child’s home property. Distance will be measured in a straight line from the centre point of the child’s permanent home address to the centre point of the school and using the College’s computerised measuring system, with those living closer to the school receiving higher priority.


Manchester City Council Voucher Scheme to be implemented for students eligible for Free School Meals form Monday 6th April.

Please read the letter below from your Headteacher for how to apply.

Manchester City Council Voucher Letter 30.03.2020

All college information regarding Covid 19 can be found under the tab COVID 19 INFORMATION.

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