Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is additional to main school funding. It is used to address inequalities between children eligible for free school meals (FSM) and their peers by ensuring that funding to tackle disadvantage reaches the pupils who need it most.
The pupil premium was introduced in April 2011 and is allocated to schools to work with pupils who have been registered for free school meals at any point in the last six years (known as ‘Ever 6 FSM’). Schools also receive funding for children who have been looked after continuously for more than six months, and children of service personnel.

Schools decide how the Pupil Premium Grant is spent since they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made in supporting individual pupils.

Our aim at Wright Robinson College is to ensure that provision is in place to help all pupils to achieve their potential by further increasing the focus on the progress and attainment of Pupil Premium pupils. We aim to ensure that the provision for Pupil Premium students is seen throughout everything we do at Wright Robinson in terms of teaching and learning, and is not an ‘add on’ to what we already provide as a College. Our priority is Quality First Teaching, which ensures that every student, regardless of ability or barriers to learning, has an excellent day-to-day experience in their lessons.

Around 60% of our students at Wright Robinson College are eligible for Pupil Premium which is significantly higher than the national figure. Wright Robinson recognizes that each individual student has different needs, concerns and aspirations and we aim to ensure the best outcomes for everyone irrelevant of their background and disadvantages. For some students, this may be supporting their progress in reading, whilst for others it may be providing support for individual music lessons, or University visits. The College is committed to closing the attainment and achievement gap across a range of measures for our disadvantaged pupils particularly, and the additional funding will be used to support this aim.

Impact of spending

In March 2016, Wright Robinson College achieved ‘Outstanding’ in all key areas. The inspection recognised the measures taken to improve the progress and achievement for all students – including those students eligible for Pupil Premium funding. For the last 3 years at Wright Robinson College, Disadvantaged Students have achieved a Progress 8 figure above that of ALL students nationally.
Below are some key figures related to the achievement and progress of Pupil Premium students at Wright Robinson College.

  • In 2018 Disadvantaged Students at Wright Robinson College achieved a Progress 8 figure of 0.07 – compared to minus 0.02 for all students nationally, and minus 0.13 for all students locally.
  • 37% of students eligible for Pupil Premium at Wright Robinson College in 2018 achieved English & Maths at Grade 5 or above. This compares to a national figure for this cohort of 24.9%.
  • 60% of students eligible for Pupil Premium at Wright Robinson College in 2018 achieved English & Maths at Grade 4 or above. This compares to a national figure for this cohort of 44.5%.
  • In 2018, the percentage of Wright Robinson Pupil Premium students achieving eBacc (9-5) was 20% – compared to only 7.2% for this group nationally. The percentage for all students achieving this figure is 20.2%

The table below describes how previous funding has been allocated and the impact.

Appointment of additional support staffThe College has appointed and/or retained non-teaching staff who provide support where appropriate.£164,373Reduced attainment and progress gap - see Performance Tables, SISRA and internal data PP Students at Wright Robinson achieved P8 measure of +0.07 compared to all students nationally of -0.02.
Intervention Support Assistants x 2Posts have been developed to work with PP students across the College on a range of specific interventions£46,092Reduced attainment and progress gap - see SISRA and individual student data
SLT Support PPA member of SLT has been given responsibility for improving outcomes for PP students across the college. £45,888Improved staff awareness of Pupil Premium issues and strategies to reduce the attainment and progress gap. Staff are aware of the importance of PP students and prioritise the cohort for quality teaching and intervention.
English TeacherAdditional staffing to provide targeted teaching of PP students where appropriate, flexibility of setting and increased opportunities for detailed feedback to students.£51,276Reduced attainment and progress gap - see SISRA and internal data
Maths Teacher Additional staffing to provide targeted teaching of PP students where appropriate, flexibility of setting £46,294Reduced attainment and progress gap - see SISRA and internal data
Additional TLRs for English, Maths and Science (and other Faculty areas where appropriate)Members of key faculties have a specific responsibility for progress£10,000Improved communication and liason between staff leading to sharing of outstanding practice
Lexia Reading softwareReading software will be installed in college and used primarily with Pupil Premium students to improve progress£12,000Measurable improvement in reading ages and specific skills for Yr7 – Yr10 students. See internal data.
Staff DevelopmentA range of CPD opportunities to allow all teachers to improve their skills including in-house training, sharing of resources, collaborative planning and other interventions.£15,000Wide range of resources and outstanding practice shared and developed in College. WRC is a PIXL school and staff regularly attend a number of meetings and share good practise.
Lunchtime, after school clubs and other sessionsSpecific attainment raising interventions are in place as well as cultural and social activities. For example visits from outside agencies, motivational speakers, Debate Mate, as well as a full range of subject based clubs (Music, Sport, Drama, etc…)£50,000All Pupil Premium students have the full range of academic, sporting and cultural opportunities.
Enrichment and additional extra-curricular activitiesFunding and support for additional cultural and social activities. For example Kingswood visit, Duke of Edinburgh, Maths Pupil Premium trip to Ghyllhead and various international trips.£46,487.00All Pupil Premium students have the full range of academic, sporting and cultural opportunities.
Student Support and SafeguardingThe College pays for two additional buses and supervision by staff£40,000Students are safeguarded and happy to attend College. See attendance data and questionnaires.
Attendance OfficersThese roles work to ensure attendance of Pupil Premium students is a priority and looks to address any barriers to attendance.£108,782See internal attendance data. There is a trend of reduced attendance gap between PP and NPP students.
Data Manager & General ResourcesThe partial funding of this role allows analysis and intervention in the underperformance of students. SISRA software training and licences £30,000.00Interventions for all students are timely and lead to specific interventions. All staff are fully trained in the intelligent use of data to improve academic standards.
Alternative Learning Pathways and CurricularThis provides support for students who are at risk of underperforming for a range of reasons – behaviour as well as academic concerns£165,336.00Students are given the opportunity to continue their education in an alternative setting where appropriate. This allows them to gain qualifications (see SISRA) and avoid becoming NEET.
Specific Intervention Fund for Subject areasThis provides funding for agreed curriculum projects that are specifically aimed at improving the progress and attainment in subject areas.£20,000Staff have targeted key students and bid for resources that will improve results and inspire students [For example, Science revision guides, individual music lessons and Camranger/ Pixelstick in Art]



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