After the sickening events in the USA resulting in the killing of George Floyd, there have been widespread calls for urgent and significant change in the educational provision offered by schools and colleges. As you may be aware, there has been a recent social media post and subsequent comments relating to Wright Robinson College.

We have given very careful consideration to how the college can best respond to these calls for change. We feel that any response we make should be meaningful rather than a spontaneous reaction to social media posts and comments.

Both as a maintained school and now as an Academy, we feel that our response should not include making formal links with campaigning groups or political organisations, but ought to be firmly rooted in education. Whilst the college is confident and secure that all of the policies and procedures in place are implemented consistently and without prejudice, we are never complacent and regularly review all aspects of our provision. We do feel that one of the most effective routes to social change is through education and that there is a key role for us, as a college community, to play in this.

We do intend to review the curriculum content at Key Stage 3 in the light of recent debate and international events. Whilst we are confident that our current curriculum is diverse, following the review we will ascertain if its content needs to be developed further. This might include designing new curriculum materials to broaden the scope of existing teaching across a wide range of subjects, in addition to developing new lines of academic study for all students. We will be working with all of our staff and other sections of the college community to speed this process of review and development.

We believe this is a suitable starting point, but we hope to go much further in our future plans. We have always felt that the best way we can contribute to building social justice is through the education we provide, believing that such an approach will be more successful in effecting lasting change than almost anything else we can do.

Wright Robinson has and will continue to pride itself on its inclusive, diverse and successful teamwork.

Yours sincerely,

Mr M Haworth

Statement in response to recent events


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Even if you do not wish to give consent, please complete the Form to notify us of that decision. To enable the college to plan for a return testing programme we need a full picture of Consent/Non-Consent for all students.

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