As you will be aware from our previous letter the Year 7 extra-curricular week will begin on Tuesday 22nd September.

The first round of activities taking place during the week will be netball and football for girls and football for boys. Please see below which day each covid form has been allocated for their activity. Pupils must only attend their allocated day to stay in line with social distancing measures that the school is adhering to.

Day                                                      Year 7 covid form
Tuesday 22nd September                   7C1, 7C2, 7C3, 7C4
Wednesday 23rd September             7C5, 7C6, 7C7, 7C8, 7C9
Thursday 24th September                 7C10, 7C11, 7C12, 7C13, 7C14

Your son/daughter will need to bring their Wright Robinson PE Kit when attending an extra-curricular club. If pupils are attending a football session they can wear football boots (with plastic studs) and shin pads.
The remaining activities which pupils have been offered will take place during future weeks and pupils will be informed as to when they will start.

Pupils must arrive promptly on their allocated day, on the tennis/netball courts which are set at the back of the school, and line up in front of their PE teacher. They will get changed in a specific changing room and then will be escorted to the relevant area to take part. The session will finish at 4.00pm. The school buses will have stopped running at this time and parents are expected to provide transportation home.

Yours faithfully

Mrs M Haworth
Head of PE


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